About RheinTurbo

RheinTurbo is an experienced engineering office in the field of turbomachinery and other rotating machines and systems. As a global company, we are able to understand the breadth of our customers’ expectations and meet their needs. We offer our customers tailor-made solutions for compressor stations and their processes.

We offer the highest quality of service and expertise across a wide range of turbomachinery types and strategic rotating equipment from many different manufacturers.

Our core competence is the complete service and advice and component design of steam turbines, gas turbines, axial and centrifugal compressors. Our goal is to relieve our customers with our total package approach and first-class quality of our services.

Our Services

Your competent partner for Industrial Services

RheinTurbo always strives to offer innovative solutions that include the latest technologies to meet the complex requirements of tomorrow.
Our interculturally experienced team of highly qualified engineers enables continuous top performance and the best possible order processing.

Engineering & Consulting

We support the design and analysis of processes and installed systems.

Maintenance & Aftersales-Services

We are experienced in meeting our customers’ alternative machine repair and replacement parts, retrofits and rebuilds, and field service needs.

Dedicated Team

Our qualified team offers our customers support in all areas based on decades of experience in the field of turbomachinery.


Every industry has its special challenges.
RheinTurbo is an international service provider for turbomachinery.
Our tailor-made solution concepts for various industries are used successfully worldwide.


Oil and Gas Industry

The oil and gas market ranks as the largest sector in the world, employing hundreds of thousands of workers worldwide and generating hundreds of billions of dollars each year.
Our portfolio of engineering services spans the upstream, midstream and downstream segments for rotating machinery and auxiliary system applications.

Power Plant_Energy

Petrochemical Industry

The petrochemical industry is an essential part of many industrial processes as it provides raw materials for a wide range of products.
The basic chemicals and plastics obtained from the petrochemical industry serve as building blocks for numerous short- and long-lasting consumer goods.


Chemical Industry

To enable cost-effective operation and maintenance in petrochemical refineries and diversified chemical plants, we demonstrate world-class expertise and a hands-on mentality. We can serve fertilizer, PTA and especially air separation plants with in-depth knowledge of turbines and compressors, design and control systems.

Steel Plant

Steel Industry

Steel and iron is one of the most indispensable raw materials in today’s industry.
RheinTurbo has extensive experience in supporting steel producers.
Our sophisticated solutions and extensive expertise in blast furnace fans, air intake filters, power generating and driving turbines support the process steps that are critical in steelmaking.

Power Generation

Power Generation

Efficiency and longevity are top priorities in power generation, where profitability depends on the certainty of capacity and uptime.
In doing so, RheinTurbo is able to apply its know-how in different segments of the industry, in single and combined cycle services based on steam and gas. Rotating machines such as steam and gas turbines, generators and their ancillary units are our main area of ​​expertise.

Renewable Energy

Renewable Energies

While hydrocarbons will continue to provide much of the energy demand, renewable energy sources, CCUS, LNG, hydrogen, energy from waste and emissions reduction are expected to grow rapidly.
Leveraging the expertise and insights gained from many decades of developing turbomachinery in critical applications, we are a trusted technology partner for key emerging energy markets.